Masonry Color Match: Starting at $5/ft

Brick has a Model / Year style like anything else. Foundries will change the color, texture & shape of bricks from year to year. So if you have a brick building like a church, school, business, etc; that’s 10 years old, and want to enlarge that facility, there’s a good chance your building’s original brick is no longer made.

Additions are built to compliment the existing structure. When the bricks on the new addition don’t match the original, it doesn’t look good.
We are certified to do Masonry Color Match. We can match the color of the original brick, to the new brick that’s being added to the structure.  The color is the same product that’s used in foundries to color brick, & has a 40 year color warranty. It’s an affordable solution in making your building’s masonry match.

We color brick, block, cultured stone, mortar, pavers, and real stone. We can match existing colors, or change the colors completely.