• Key Bank: Before

    This Key Bank branch had sprinkler stains on their windows and glass for over 10 years. The Bank's facilities manager said that several companies over the years had tried to remove the stains but could not.

  • Key Bank: After

    We were able to remove the sprinkler stains from the windows, AND the metal frames.

  • Shower Door

    Many people replace their shower doors because of hard water stains. We can remove the the hard water stains from the glass, fixtures, tile and stone. Custom showers usually have expensive custom glass, fixtures, and stone. Restoration is a fraction of the cost of replacement

  • Hyatt Hotel Window

Windows and Glass: Starting at $3/ft

Mineral deposits ruin the finish and appearance of glass, metal frames, and fixtures. Whether it’s sprinklers or your shower, mineral deposits form every time you use water.

Window replacement costs run anywhere from $17′ for regular inserts, to $25’+ for tinted plate glass.

We can remove mineral deposits, restore the glasses clarity and make it more resistant to staining for a fraction of replacement costs.

We do FREE TEST AREAS before we start, so you can see what you get before you buy.

  • Spotlight Glass Restoration: Before and After
    College of Idaho. This window is on the Katherine Albertson building. We removed the sprinkler stains from the window & metal frame. We asked the facilities manager if we could do a test area to show him how we restore windows. He said sure, & took us to the building. He said how several companies over the years had tried unsuccessfully to remove the sprinkler stains. He was looking around as we removed the stains. When he turned around to see what we had done he was silent. The class being taught was 'Problem Solving'. As we cleaned the window we faced the chalkboard with the students, the professors faced the window. As we removed the stains the professors stopped talking, and just stared at the clean window.